Raiders on the Storm

Finding a noob-friendly community in an MMO that can help you experience end-game content is a valuable thing.

In many of the MMOs I play, I mostly enjoy experiencing the solo content and main story quests. It’s rare for me to find an MMO community that allows me to also experience the group-oriented content that a game has to offer.

In games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, this is the end-game high level stuff such as dungeons and raids. Aside from random dabbling using group finder tools to find a random pick-up group, I’ve never been able to fully experience what these games have to offer.

So I’m really grateful for the open and noob-friendly player communities that exist in The Secret World, where unusually I’ve managed to experience all of the end-game dungeon and raid content that the game has to offer. Continue reading “Raiders on the Storm”

Pumpkin Spicing Things Up

October has arrived and with it, a chance to explore some new opportunities and Halloween themed events on the horizon.

It’s the start of a brand new month! Not just any month… it’s October and with that a lot of things start taking on a more pumpkin spice flavour with Halloween to look forward to in a few weeks time.

Last month seemed to fly by and I felt very unfocused for much of it. It was like a wave of ennui had washed over me and I often found myself just staring at game launchers not able to decide what I wanted to play or have the will to actually start up something (like new blog posts).

So it’s time to spice things up and get excited again! Let’s take a look forward at what October may have to offer. Continue reading “Pumpkin Spicing Things Up”