Space Is Dangerous

Flying around the galaxy doing whatever I want in Elite Dangerous.

Space. It’s big and full of possibilities. Should I point my ship in any direction and go off exploring? Can I become an interstellar merchant and earn wealth through trading? Or will I become a dangerous bounty hunter, chasing down pirate scumbags?

These are questions I’ve asked myself several times before, over the course of decades. The original 1980s Elite, which featured mostly wireframe space stations and geometric shapes representing ships, captured my imagination and seared the MIDI version of The Blue Danube waltz into my brain every time my ship docked at a Coriolis station.

Fast forward to the 1990s and the sequel, Frontier: Elite II, is where I really started enjoying space travel, with full colour 3D polygons as ships and Newtonian physics. I remember trading goods between space stations, landing on planets and a catchy cinematic intro sequence and theme tune.

Present day. Thanks to a Steam sale at Christmas, I picked up the current iteration of the Elite game series – Elite Dangerous. Here we go again! Continue reading “Space Is Dangerous”