Time for Tannenbaum

A festival of gifts comes to Eve Online, and a new Caldari capsuleer earns her license.

The spirit of Christmas touches even the deepest corners of space in the distant future. The Yoiul Festival started in Eve Online on 14 December 2016, and it brings 12 days of free gifts for capsuleers. Each day, a new item will appear for 24 hours from midnight Eve server time in the item redeeming system.

I also decided it would be a good time to create a brand new character in order to try out the new Inception tutorial, which features a fully voiced mentor guiding you through an important faction storyline. Continue reading “Time for Tannenbaum”

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

I set myself the challenge of becoming a billionaire in Eve Online, in only 30 days. Is it possible?

Eve Online allows you to buy 30 days of subscribed game time using in-game currency. I’ve played the game sporadically over the last three years, each time activating a month-long subscription and then trying in vain to accumulate enough wealth to keep my subscribed status before time ran out. I was never successful.

Even with several hours of play time every day, I’d only scrape together a measly amount of ISK (the game’s main currency) over the month, probably not even breaking the 100 million ISK barrier. I’d then accept defeat and move on to another game.

Now that I’ve returned to Eve Online once again, could things be different this time? At current prices, you need around 1.1 billion ISK to be able to afford a PLEX (the pilot licence extension). Can I become a billionaire in a month? Challenge accepted! Continue reading “Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?”

The Alpha and the Omega

Eve Online has opened its doors to thousands of new players by removing the subscription barrier and going free to play.

Eve Online has ascended. With the launch of the Ascension expansion, the game introduces a new free to play option in the form of “clone states”, as well as a revamped new player experience with a story-focused and fully voiced tutorial.

I first tried out Eve Online back in 2013 and have resubscribed a few times over the last couple of years, when I’ve felt the urge to try to make some progress on my character. With the subscription no longer required, I’ve jumped back in to the game to check out the changes. Continue reading “The Alpha and the Omega”