The Idling of March

Time has marched on and I took a break from MMOs this month to focus on single player gaming.

Everything feels like it was put on hold during March, compared to how active I was across a spectrum of games back in February. I had speculated that at this point, I’d be deep into playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, but instead I picked up The Sims 4 and became hooked.

I haven’t really been up to much recently other than playing with my sims, but I did manage to pop into The Elder Scrolls Online for their new Jester’s Festival annual event and sat back and watched as forums and social media exploded when news about The Secret World’s impending relaunch were revealed… Continue reading “The Idling of March”

Welcome Back To The Neighbourhood

The lives of a new generation of virtual people has become my obsession, after I picked up The Sims 4 during the anniversary sale.

I’ve loved playing The Sims since its first iteration back in the year 2000. The game is all about virtual people, known as sims, who live out their lives and are controlled by you. You can choose to be benevolent and try to keep the sims happy by fulfilling their wants and needs, or be malevolent and make their lives a living hell.

2017 is the 17th anniversary of The Sims franchise, and so the publisher decided to have an anniversary sale. It’s been a long time since I last played a Sims game, and so the opportunity to grab The Sims 4 at a massive discount was too good to miss. Continue reading “Welcome Back To The Neighbourhood”