Conquering the Arena

The Maelstrom Arena. There’s nothing like it in all Oblivion!

Sometimes, you feel like challenging yourself. You want to see how well your build works. You want to see if all those gear upgrades you worked so hard to craft make any difference. You want to see if you have mad skillz to brag about.

Apparently, so do a lot of other people. Enough that game developers will often put in some kind of solo challenge or gauntlet to put their players through hell – places where grouping up is disabled and you have to face the dangers all alone.

In The Secret World, there were nightmare solo scenarios. In Guild Wars 2, there’s the Queen’s Gauntlet. I put myself through those and emerged victorious. But then I found the Veteran Maelstrom Arena in The Elder Scrolls Online… a place so challenging, frustrating and infuriating that it took me months to finish and gave me repetitive strain pains in my hands.

But it was so worth it when I finally defeated it. Continue reading “Conquering the Arena”

Take a Trip to Vvardenfell

Visit the island of Vvardenfell, meet some dark elves, see Red Mountain and have a grand adventure… nothing could go wrong, right?

Morrowind, the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived for PC/Mac players eligible for early access, which includes people who have pre-ordered the Digital Upgrade and Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade. The expansion launches for everyone else and console players on 6 June 2017.

As soon as the servers came back online after patching, I jumped in to the game and decided to create a brand new character for exploring Morrowind and the new Warden class. Continue reading “Take a Trip to Vvardenfell”

Homestead Is Where The Hearth Is

My house in The Elder Scrolls Online is starting to look homely.

The Homestead update in The Elder Scrolls Online allows your characters to own housing and craft furniture. After a week of owning a property, I’m appreciating how nice it feels to have a place to call home in the quiet moments between adventuring. Continue reading “Homestead Is Where The Hearth Is”

Return to Tamriel

After a long break, I have returned to the world of The Elder Scrolls Online to battle daedra, evil cultists and Molag Bal.

My return to the fantasy lands of Tamriel took an unexpected detour – I had planned to dive into the newly remastered Skyrim: Special Edition for my Elder Scrolls fix, but instead I’ve found myself immersed in its massively multiplayer online cousin, The Elder Scrolls Online. Continue reading “Return to Tamriel”