It Was All A Dream

It’s time to say goodbye to The Secret World and be reborn anew in Secret World Legends.

I’ve finally hit the button to initiate the one-time-only legacy transfer of my cosmetics and vanity stuff from The Secret World to Secret World Legends. I’ve held out until two weeks after the launch of SWL just to make sure I haven’t missed out on anything I can still reasonably unlock.

I’ve bought out the entire stock of the clothing store, Pangaea. I’ve visited the clothing vendors in Darkside every day to check out their rotating stock. I’ve waited for my monthly stipend of bonus points to be delivered so that I could grab one last outfit from the Funcom item store. I even managed to finally get the Albino Draug Lord pet from running the Eidolon raid. But alas, the white carapace leggings from the Flappy raid have eluded me.

It’s time to call it quits on The Secret World and move on to Secret World Legends… Continue reading “It Was All A Dream”

Like Gravity

A limited-time challenge in The Secret World gives you the chance to grab a pair of high-tech gravity skates.

Just when you’ve set aside The Secret World for a while due to an ongoing content drought, they find a way to entice you back into the fold, at least for a limited time…

The gravity skates look awesome, and are a new sprint customisation you can acquire by completing any 35 challenges before 19 March 2017. The challenge period began on Valentine’s Day, so that’s over a month of time to obtain the skates, doing at least one challenge per day and having weekly challenges make up any slack. Continue reading “Like Gravity”

The Summoning Has Begun

It’s Halloween in The Secret World, and this year we must hearken the arrival of The Rider.

When Halloween knocks on our door, it’s time to launch The Secret World – billing itself as a spooky, horror themed MMO, what better place would there be to enjoy the season’s festivities?

Every year since the game’s launch, The Secret World has added to its Halloween events with new content and activities to partake in. For 2016, the developers promised something different from previous events – a community-wide puzzle to solve. Has this experiment proved to be a triumphant treat for the players or a troublesome trick? Continue reading “The Summoning Has Begun”

Raiders on the Storm

Finding a noob-friendly community in an MMO that can help you experience end-game content is a valuable thing.

In many of the MMOs I play, I mostly enjoy experiencing the solo content and main story quests. It’s rare for me to find an MMO community that allows me to also experience the group-oriented content that a game has to offer.

In games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, this is the end-game high level stuff such as dungeons and raids. Aside from random dabbling using group finder tools to find a random pick-up group, I’ve never been able to fully experience what these games have to offer.

So I’m really grateful for the open and noob-friendly player communities that exist in The Secret World, where unusually I’ve managed to experience all of the end-game dungeon and raid content that the game has to offer. Continue reading “Raiders on the Storm”

Gilded Raging

A surprise Golden Week event goes live in The Secret World, but a mistake by the developers causes some fuming about reward cooldowns.

On the last day of August, the servers for The Secret World went down for what seemed like a regular hotfix patch. When the game came back online – surprise! – a Golden Week was now in effect.

Golden Week is an in-game promotion that happens a couple of times throughout the year, usually to fill the gap between other large events such as Halloween and Christmas. During the week, the Gilded Rage event occurs. Large angry golden golems appear in every zone in The Secret World that need to be destroyed. It’s a continuation of the story from the Guardians of Gaia anniversary event and uses the same mechanics.

There’s one mechanic that isn’t usually the same as the anniversary golems though – the cooldown for rewards – there isn’t supposed to be one. Continue reading “Gilded Raging”

Challenge Accepted

There’s a new limited time challenge in The Secret World that will grant you a fancy Hell themed hoverboard.

There’s a new Hell themed hoverboard in The Secret World, the Doomboard, that will let you sprint around with infernal style.

Previously, when new items such as this have been introduced, you get them through methods such as buying them direct from the item store, getting lucky with random loot bags, earning an achievement or as mission rewards.

With the Doomboard, the game developers are trying something different – to unlock it, you have to complete a special limited time challenge that requires doing any 70 challenges before September 21st. Continue reading “Challenge Accepted”

The Museum of Grind

You’re given a whole museum to fill up with exciting exhibits in The Secret World. But filling it up may take some amount of grinding which sounds less exciting…

The Secret World stands out from other massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, in that the setting is in our present day modern world, rather than some medieval fantasy land or far in the sci-fi future.

It has an interesting story that takes you around the world, through New England, Egypt, Transylvania and Japan (and some other dimensions in-between) exploring myths, legends and conspiracies which all turn out to have some truth to them.

You get to join one of three secret societies battling for control and influence – either the Templars, Illuminati or the Dragon – and you get to fight mythical creatures, demons and Lovecraftian horrors.

Those are some of the highlights of The Secret World, and why it’s one of the main MMOs I spent my time in. However, recently after the addition of their latest new feature, I feel like people are beginning to see a different side of the game… a more grindy side. Continue reading “The Museum of Grind”