Chasing a Mirage

When a game is exclusively on a particular games console and you don’t have one, perhaps experiencing it through a streamer is a good option?

Some games, I’ll never get to play for myself. I’m primarily a PC gamer, so when a title launches exclusively for console, it pretty much means that I won’t be able to experience it. Such is the case with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U.

It’s a Japanese anime style roleplaying game set in real locations in Tokyo, where citizens are under attack from evil beings called Mirages seeking to harvest their energy. Their only hope is a group of teenagers who fuse with characters crossing over from Fire Emblem and become superheroes known as Mirage Masters in order to defeat the evil Mirages by becoming pop idols.

One day, while surfing Twitch on my HDTV, a streamer I follow called HeathHimself went live and started playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a game I’d never heard of before then. I became enthralled by the game’s story and Heath’s reactions to it. I’ll never be able to play the game myself, but perhaps I could experience it vicariously… Continue reading “Chasing a Mirage”