Exploring Ember Bay

The Living World continues in Guild Wars 2, as you head to the unforgiving Ring of Fire Islands.

Episode Two in Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season Three is called “Rising Flames” and introduces a new explorable location in Tyria – Ember Bay on the Ring of Fire Islands in the far south.

I’m always impressed when whole new areas appear in Living World updates, and Ember Bay is quite a large map compared to the previous area, Bloodstone Fen, which was added in Episode One.

Episode Two continues from the cliffhanger moment at the end of Episode One where teenage asuran prodigy Taimi drops the bombshell that the elder dragon Primordus has woke up. Continue reading “Exploring Ember Bay”

The Living World Comes to Life Again

Living World Season 3 has launched in Guild Wars 2, which continues the main story of your character immediately following on from the developments in Heart of Thorns. I share my thoughts on the first new episode, “Out of the Shadows”.

Guild Wars 2 is one of my favourite massively multiplayer games to hop into whenever there’s something new to play. Developed by ArenaNet, it’s the sequel to the original Guild Wars, and is set in the world of Tyria, populated by a myriad of different playable races including humans, charr, asura, nords and sylvari.

Over the last four years, ArenaNet has proved to be quite capable of releasing enough content at a regular enough pace to satisfy my insatiable need for stuff to do. One of the main ways the story of the world of Tyria progresses is through “Living World” content, which makes the game world feel alive and changes it over time. Previous content has come with effects such as the blighting of Kessex Hills, destruction of Fort Salma and Concordia and the complete annihilation and rebuilding of the city of Lion’s Arch.

During the last week of July 2016, the latest season of new story content launched in Guild Wars 2. “Living World Season 3” continues the main story of your character immediately following on from the developments in Heart of Thorns (the game’s first major expansion). Continue reading “The Living World Comes to Life Again”