An Expansive Month

Summer is on the way. With expansions and relaunches dominating the month, what’s going to be hot in June?

During May, a lot of things seemed to be either coming to the end of their run or launching something new.

On TV, most of the main series I’m currently watching are coming to the end of their seasons. With them ending all at the same time, I’m going to have to find new things to watch over the summer while I wait for all those cliffhangers to be resolved.

Similarly in the world of gaming, the penultimate episode of Living World Season 3 was released in Guild Wars 2. The story plots running throughout the season culminated in some pretty exciting reveals and twists, leaving me eagerly waiting for the season finale.

New releases also dominated the month, with the Morrowind expansion arriving for players with early access in The Elder Scrolls Online. Also, a brand new Parenthood game pack was revealed and then fully launched for The Sims 4. Continue reading “An Expansive Month”

Take a Trip to Vvardenfell

Visit the island of Vvardenfell, meet some dark elves, see Red Mountain and have a grand adventure… nothing could go wrong, right?

Morrowind, the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived for PC/Mac players eligible for early access, which includes people who have pre-ordered the Digital Upgrade and Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade. The expansion launches for everyone else and console players on 6 June 2017.

As soon as the servers came back online after patching, I jumped in to the game and decided to create a brand new character for exploring Morrowind and the new Warden class. Continue reading “Take a Trip to Vvardenfell”