It Was All A Dream

It’s time to say goodbye to The Secret World and be reborn anew in Secret World Legends.

Meeting the Dream Architects in The Secret World

I’ve finally hit the button to initiate the one-time-only legacy transfer of my cosmetics and vanity stuff from The Secret World to Secret World Legends. I’ve held out until two weeks after the launch of SWL just to make sure I haven’t missed out on anything I can still reasonably unlock.

I’ve bought out the entire stock of the clothing store, Pangaea. I’ve visited the clothing vendors in Darkside every day to check out their rotating stock. I’ve waited for my monthly stipend of bonus points to be delivered so that I could grab one last outfit from the Funcom item store. I even managed to finally get the Albino Draug Lord pet from running the Eidolon raid. But alas, the white carapace leggings from the Flappy raid have eluded me.

It’s time to call it quits on The Secret World and move on to Secret World Legends…

It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

Having played The Secret World for five years, it’s been difficult to reconcile having to leave behind my characters and all the progress that I’ve made in-game after all this time.

I have to leave behind all the items I’ve acquired. I have to leave behind all the achievements I managed to complete. I even have to leave behind the way my characters look, because of the changes to character creation in SWL, it’s not possible to recreate the faces exactly.

In a way, it seems just like the last five years were a merely a dream, and now they’re asking me to wake up and play everything all over again. In some ways, that’s disappointing, as I usually hate repeating story content. Once I have experienced a story, I want to see the continuation of it, and have fresh new experiences.

But given that I haven’t played some of the earlier missions from The Secret World for years, it’s been long enough that the memory of those has faded and a refresh playthrough would be welcome.

So I feel like I’m ready to jump into Secret World Legends and relive my main character’s story again. I hope to pay attention to all of the main story cinematics that you only get to see once. I hope that this time I manage to actually play through the alternate faction stories that I missed out on before.

Final resting place

Now that the transfer of vanity items has occurred, there is no more point in playing The Secret World any further. Anything else I earn on my characters will not transfer over into Secret World Legends and the developers seem to be letting it die a slow and quiet death by neglect.

If TSW was in maintenance mode, you’d expect at least some automated repeats of its annual events, but now we’re midway into July and there isn’t even a peep of a fifth anniversary party. There’s no Guardians of Gaia event happening. They didn’t even bother to make a fifth anniversary celebration t-shirt for me to transfer over to SWL.

Inside the Temple Club with Mary and Catherine Stuart in The Secret World.

I’ve decided to log out and leave my character surrounded by the opulence of the Temple Club in London, along with the company of the Stuarts. Seems like a nice place to enjoy permanent retirement.

Now it’s time to become a legend.

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