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Happy blog anniversary!

Iggy Pancakes playing with his dad Bob in The Sims 4

It has been one full year since I started this blog. Where did the time go? It doesn’t feel all that long ago I hit the publish button for the first time. Looking back over all the posts I’ve made though, a lot of stuff happened over the year.


A lot of things happened in the various MMOs I play. The Living World story in Guild Wars 2 steadily progressed, leading up to the announcement of a new upcoming expansion releasing soon.

I spent a lot of time in The Secret World, which had a few memorable moments including the new Halloween event and the various raids and dungeons I participated in. I think it’s one of the few games where I’ve experienced all of the content – usually in other MMOs, I’m locked out of raid and end game stuff due to a lack of people who I can experience it with.

Then of course, came the announcement that The Secret World was being replaced with a new relaunched game, Secret World Legends, which was a surprising turn I wouldn’t have expected. I’ve only just completed the transition into the new game, and am interested to see what becomes of it over the course of the next year.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, player housing was introduced, and I eagerly went about trying to furnish my new house in Daggerfall. I like how the house has functionality, in that I can use it as a free teleport option from anywhere in the game and that I can put crafting stations in it.

Then, the major expansion of Morrowind launched and I started a brand new Warden class character. It really was refreshing playing Vvardenfell as the starter area for my new character, and experiencing all new content in that way. Even when I reach there on my existing characters, there’ll be differences in dialogue and story to look out for.

Eve Online went free to play, and so I was able to check that out for a few months, and I set myself the challenge to actually make some progress on my character, that’s been stuck as a poor capsuleer since 2013. I managed to make a billion ISK and interestingly that seems to be the most read post on the blog.

I got to try out Star Citizen for a free play event, and am now interested to see how it progresses. It seems like it would have everything I could ever want from an MMO. A persistent, immersive universe to explore, slick sci-fi action, and more. But how close is it to becoming a playable released game? I may be waiting for a while.

Some awesome single player games were played, including Fallout 4 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I love RPG games like those, where I can take on the role of the protagonist and then experience a really rich story. It’s a bit of a shame that Deus Ex seems to have stalled as a franchise though, after some people felt that Mankind Divided seemed too short and unfinished, like they were relying on a sequel to answer all the questions that had been set up. Will that ever come? I hope so.

My interest moved away interest from mobile gaming. I got hooked on Fallout Shelter for a while, and I think that if I picked it up again, then it would draw me in again. There’s just something about it that is a fun way to waste away hours, managing the lives of your vault dwellers and sending them out into the wasteland.

Also along the same theme of managing the lives of virtual people, I picked up The Sims 4. I spent years playing The Sims 2, but then lost interest in the franchise during The Sims 3 era. Something about The Sims 4 felt nostalgic enough for me to give it a try, and I fell in love with the game again.

Looking forward

Going forward, I think I’ll try to write more frequently. I got into a routine of leaving all of my thoughts for a post at the end of the month, where several topics could have been split up into their own dedicated articles.

I think it has been a worthwhile experience writing about what my interests were during the past twelve months. I’m not sure if anybody else actually reads it all, but at least I can.

Author: Galactrix

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